Monday, January 23, 2012


We got our first ice storm of the season this past weekend here in Ohio.  Freezing rain fell late on Friday and covered everything in ice.  Usually, the next day after the freezing rain the sun comes out and everything sparkles like there are diamonds everywhere, in the grass and the trees. This time though it was gray and gloomy.  Then it started warming up on Sunday and as the ice begun to melt the fog came out. Spooky!   But kind of cool, too.  

Then it really warmed up and we had thunder and lighting and heavy rain last night.  Thunder and lightning in January?!!!  In Ohio?!!!!

To cheer myself up went to check out a bead show that was in town last weekend.  Saw some pretty awesome stuff and couldn't resist buying some of it. 

Here are some of my spoils.

                                                A strand of ritulated quartz drops. Yum!

 Faceted amethyst drops, amethyst, moonstone, and iolite beads.

Kyanite, labradorite and moonstone drops. 

It was almost 60 degrees today! Crazy weather!  Maybe it will snow tomorrow.

Have a nice evening!


  1. Whoa, VERY nice choices :) Can we do Wedding jewelry in some of this stuff? I see you finally got that Kyanite strand we were drooling over last time :)

    1. Yes, I bought the moonstones, labradorite and amethysts thinking of the wedding jewelry. I should have picked up some peridots, too, now that I think about it.
      I love my kyanite!